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I received my recent order from you the other day and I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the product and your speedy service. I recently became interested in WW2 naval warfare and I was looking at various lines of miniatures, rules, etc., and I found a reference to your products in a online review. As I’m sure you know, starting up in a new period of wargaming can be a fairly expensive proposition, especially if you’re in my position of having to supply both sides.

When I saw your alternative to 3D miniatures and how reasonably priced they were, I had to give them a try. If I would have purchased a bunch of 3D miniatures, I would have had to spend a fair amount of time painting and basing them but I’d rather spend that time learning the rules and playing the game. The fact that the 2D miniatures are easy to store and transport is another big plus. Thanks again, and I look forward to doing business with you again.
Patrick L.- Winona, MN

Got to re-emphasise that the look of your ships with the plane models – it just looked right – in fact I’d say it looks much better than using 1/1800 ship models with the 1/300 planes. The perspective of the models with the planes on the ships really made it feel that you were looking down on a Pacific battle.
Stephen L. – Peverell, UK

I Finally found the time to cut out all the wonderful ships and planes you’ve sent me. The counter art is really outstanding! I am playing Victory at Sea with my son and we’re having a blast. Thanks to your wonderful product I did not have to go through assembling and painting an expensive collection of models.
Urlich R. – Hamburg Germany

Just finished mounting up my WW1 British and German ships. To say I’m pleased with them is an understatement. They are fantastic! What a superb idea you both came up with; an easy, cheap and visually pleasing way to build up large fleets. I’m so pleased that I’ve reordered my first attempts at mounting that don’t look as good next to the later ones.
Andy F. – UK

I have received by order for Pacific Convoy and love the quality look of the printing. Wasn’t sure if they came with wood bases, and was super glad they did. As I was thinking about how I was going to attach the print to the wooden base, I find out that I can peel the backing and adhere them together; Fantastic. We will be using the ships as targets for the air combat game Check Your 6. I had just gotten the scenario book “Floatplane Hell” I have plastic miniature ships from Axis and Allies, but I like the fact that I can place an aircraft stand on top of the ship. I will send photos when we have them in battle…Thanks again,
Joe P. – Baltimore, MD


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