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Guadalcanal Battle Set Now Available

The Guadalcanal battle set includes 145 units (109 surface ships and 36 aircraft) and lets you recreate four complete WWII naval battles of the 1942 Guadalcanal campaign. They are as follows:

  1. Savo Island
  2. Cape Esperance
  3. 1st Battle of Guadalcanal
  4. 2nd Battle of Guadalcanal
  5. Tassafaronga

Of the 145 units, 61 units are new ships. The others are already existing ships from our inventory. We have included the planes that were specific to the naval battles in this set. In the very near future we will be releasing an add-on set of both Japanese and American ships and planes that will fill out the Pacific Theater Fleet. There will be many more Japanese aircraft and carriers. We will also have several American and Japanese destroyer escorts, American PT boats and many escort carriers.

Next up however is the Battle Off Samar set featuring Taffy 3 and it’s epic battle against the Japanese Fleet. This will be quickly followed by our Pearl Harbor set that will include most of the ships in the Harbor at the time of the attack. We will publish those OOB shortly.

You can choose to buy the set with aircraft or without.

You can see the Guadalcanal Set OOB by clicking HERE.