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WWII Miniature War Gaming Target Sets Released

This week we released two separate WWII target sets built to be used with your war gaming naval and air miniatures. The first set contains 149 units that represent larger tactical targets such as big coastal guns, dams, train stations, radar stations, shipyards, air fields etc. The second set contains 119 airfield specific targets including hangars, runways, revetments, ammo dumps, fuel dumps, etc.

You can view the complete sets here: Target Sets 1 & 2

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Tsushima Battle Set Released!

The Tsushima Battle Set is Here! 121 ships allowing you to recreate this battle between Japan and Russia in 1905. The inventory includes the ships to recreate the battle of Port Arthur and the main Battle in the Tsushima Strait. It is available in three scales: 1/1800 with or without matching bases, 1/2400 without bases, and 1/3000 without bases.

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Battle Of Coral Sea Using Topside Minis & General Quarters III Rules

Take a look at this battle recap sent to us by Chris Paquette. Chris and his gaming group recently completed a double-blind Coral Sea scenario using Topside Minis (they had two of the Coral Sea Battle Sets) and the General Quarters III rules. Very impressive set up and execution of this famous battle.

Here is a link to the write-up and photos on the Grogheads Forum:
Coral Sea Battle

Here is a link to the most recent Grohead podcast where Chris talks about the battle:
Groghead Podcast

Great overview and great photos! Thanks for sharing Chris!

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Coronel and Falkland Islands Battle Set Released in 1/2400 and 1/3000 Scale

The Coronel and Falkland Islands Battle Set created for Seth Owen’s “Fatal Choices” scenario book has been released in the 1/2400 and 1/3000 scale. This is an image set only, there are no bases available from us at these scales. These are the same images as the 1/1800 set and printed on the same adhesive backed paper. User will have to create their own bases if they wish too. Both sets are priced at under $5. You can view the sets by clicking HERE.

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Jutland Sets Released!

Six new Jutland sets are now available for sale! We have 2 sets each for the 1/1800, 1/2400, and 1/3000 scales. Each scale has two versions. One full set version with 278 units, and one flotilla set with 154 units plus 31 flotilla units. Flotilla units replace many of the individual destroyer and torpedo boats with flotilla units that represent groups of small ships.

Bases are not available for the 1/2400 and 1/3000 scale sets. Users would have to buy or create bases on their own if they wish. They will be printed on the same adhesive paper we use for all of our products.

These two scales are also only available as sets. There will be no individual unit purchases available for them. The larger 1/1800 scale ships will have bases available as well as individual units for sale. (Individual Jutland units will be up on the site by month’s end)

You can view the product details HERE.

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Jutland 1/2400 & 1/3000 Sets Will Be Offered for Sale

In addition to the standard 1/1800 scale,the Jutland set will also be offered in the 1/2400 and 1/3000 scale. The only difference is that there will be no bases offered at these two scales. Gamers will have to base them themselves with whatever they want to use. They will be printed on the same adhesive backed paper that we always use.

These scales will also only offered in the complete set (No individual unit sales at these scales). However, they will be offered as a complete set or as a set with flotilla counters in lieu of all the individual torpedo boat and destroyer counters.

On a side note, as you can see in this image, we have decided to include top down view of the airships. We will provide both side and top down views with the sets and allow the user to choose which one they want to use.

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Jutland Set Adds Torpedo Boat & Destroyer Flotilla Counters

In order to help reduce the number of units for the Jutland set we have decided to add, as an option, a set of 2 x 1 inch destroyer and torpedo boat counters. You will be able to purchase either the entire set or a set with the flotilla units in place of most of the destroyer and torpedo boat units. Individual flotilla leaders will still be included if you choose this option.

We have included the major flotillas for the German High Seas Fleet, British Grand Fleet, Battle Cruiser Fleet, and 5th Battle Squadron.

Additional flotilla suggestions are welcome, you can view them here on the Jutland Unit Preview Page.

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Jutland Cruiser Class Update

We have completed the cruiser classes for Jutland (Except for a few British scout classes) and we completed new versions of the Queen Elizabeth and Revenge class battleships for Jutland. Right now the British destroyer classes are being completed. After that we have the German torpedo boats, some subs, and some airships. Still looking at the end of March for this release.

You can see the new images on our site by clicking HERE.

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76 New WWII Units

Never say never…we have added an additional 76 WWII units to the inventory. There are many planes and a few ships to fill in classes or ship types that we thought were a little thin. We even included the British river boat Li Wo that fought in the Malayan Campaign and became the most decorated small ship in the Royal Navy.

Here is the complete list:

DUTMed BomberSingle/SquadHudson-NED1.5 x 1.5
DUTSeaplaneSingle/SquadDo 24-NED2 x 1.5
GERAuxiliary CruiserAtlantisAtlantis4 x 1
GERFighterSingleMe 262 Single1 x 1
GERFighterSquadronMe 2622 x 1
GERMinelayerDoggerbankDoggerbank3 x 1
GERMinelayerKiebitzKiebitz4 x 1
GERSeaplaneSingle/SquadDo 24-GER2 x 1.5
GERSubmarineType IXAU-432 x 1
JPNDestroyerAsashioMichishio3 x 1
JPNFighterSingleKi-27 Nate Single1 x 1
JPNFighterSquadronKi-27 Nate2 x 1
JPNMed BomberSingle/SquadKi-56 Thalia1.5 x 1.5
JPNMed BomberSingle/SquadKi-67 Peggy1.5 x 1.5
JPNTransportInabasan Maru3 x 1
JPNTransportKuretake Maru3 x 1
JPNTransportNana Maru3 x 1
JPNTransportOtawa Maru3 x 1
JPNTransportSagami Maru3 x 1
JPNTransportSasago Maru3 x 1
JPNTransportSumanoura Maru3 x 1
JPNTransportTatsugami Maru3 x 1
JPNTransportTsuruga Maru3 x 1
JPNSeaplaneH8K Emily2 x 1.5
UKAttack BomberSingle/SquadMosquito1.5 x 1.5
UKFighterSingleP-51B UK Single1 x 1
UKFighterSingleTempest - Single1 x 1
UKFighterSingleTyphoon - Single1 x 1
UKFighterSquadronP-51B UK2 x 1
UKFighterSquadronTempest2 x 1
UKFighterSquadronTyphoon2 x 1
UKLight CruiserCrown Colony-CeylonCelyon (30)4.5 x 1.25
UKLight CruiserCrown Colony-CeylonNewfoundland (59)4.5 x 1.25
UKLight CruiserCrown Colony-FijiBermuda (52)4.5 x 1.25
UKLight CruiserCrown Colony-FijiFiji (58)4.5 x 1.25
UKLight CruiserCrown Colony-FijiJamaica(44)4.5 x 1.25
UKLight CruiserCrown Colony-FijiMauritius (80)4.5 x 1.25
UKLight CruiserCrown Colony-FijiTrinidad (46)4.5 x 1.25
UKMed BomberSingle/SquadHudson-UK1.5 x 1.5
UKMinelayerAbdielAbdiel (M39)3 x 1
UKMinelayerAbdielApollo (M01)3 x 1
UKMinelayerAbdielAriadne (M65)3 x 1
UKMinelayerAbdielLatona (M76)3 x 1
UKMinelayerAbdielManxman (M70)3 x 1
UKRiver BoatRiver BoatLi Wo1.5 x 1
UKSubmarineTritonTalisman (N78)2 x 1
UKSubmarineTritonTempest (N86)2 x 1
UKSubmarineTritonTriton (N15)2 x 1
UKSubmarineTritonTruant (N68)2 x 1
UKSubmarineTritonTurbulent (N98)2 x 1
UKLight CruiserCrown Colony-CeylonGambia (48)4.5 x 1.25
USAmmunitionNitroNitro4 x 1
USFighterSingleP-47 Single1 x 1
USFighterSingleP-51B US Single1 x 1
USFighterSingleP-51D Single1 x 1
USFighterSingleP-611.5 x 1.5
USFighterSquadronP-472 x 1
USFighterSquadronP-51B US2 x 1
USFighterSquadronP-51D2 x 1
USMed BomberSingle/SquadHudson-US1.5 x 1.5
USSubmarineBalaoCisco (SS-290)3 x 1
USSubmarineBalaoEscolar (SS-294)3 x 1
USSubmarineBalaoSeahorse (SS-304)3 x 1
USSubmarineBalaoShark (SS-314)3 x 1
USSubmarineBalaoSpadefish (SS-411)3 x 1
USSubmarineBalaoTang (SS-306)3 x 1
USSubmarineGatoBarb (SS-220)3 x 1
USSubmarineGatoFlasher (SS-249)3 x 1
USSubmarineGatoHarder (SS-257)3 x 1
USSubmarineGatoSilversides (SS-236)3 x 1
USSubmarineGatoWahoo (SS-238)3 x 1
USSubmarineSargoSculpin (SS-191)3 x 1
USSubmarineSargoSealion (SS-195)3 x 1
USSubmarineSargoSeawolf (SS-197)3 x 1
USSubmarineSargoSwordfish (SS-193)3 x 1
USTransportSingle/SquadC472 x 1.5
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Java Sea Battles – Netherlands Added to WWII

Ok…I know we said we were done but the set would not be complete if we did not add the Netherlands and other US & Japanese ships that participated in the early battles in and around the Java Sea. For the US the Clemson class was added (beyond the minesweepers of this class we already had) and several additions to existing Japanese destroyer classes.

We also added several more French cruisers and destroyers. Many of these were scuttled or did not see much action but they deserve to be included in the set.

By the way there are a couple more we will add to the Java Sea units such as the Lockheed Hudson, the river boat Li Wo and some notable Japanese transports….

Here is a list of the 101 ships we added.

FRACruiserAlgerieAlgerie4.5 x 1.25
FRACruiserDuguay-TrouinDuguay-Trouin4.5 x 1.25
FRACruiserDuguay-TrouinLamotte-Picquet4.5 x 1.25
FRACruiserDuguay-TrouinPrimauguet4.5 x 1.25
FRACruiserDuquesneDuquesne4.5 x 1.25
FRACruiserDuquesneTourville4.5 x 1.25
FRACruiserJeanne d' ArcJeanne d' Arc4.5 x 1.25
FRACruiserSuffrenColbert4.5 x 1.25
FRACruiserSuffrenDupleix4.5 x 1.25
FRACruiserSuffrenFoch4.5 x 1.25
FRACruiserSuffrenSuffren4.5 x 1.25
FRADestroyerAigelAigel3 x 1
FRADestroyerAigelAlbatros3 x 1
FRADestroyerAigelEpervier3 x 1
FRADestroyerAigelGerfaut3 x 1
FRADestroyerAigelMilan3 x 1
FRADestroyerAigelVautour3 x 1
FRADestroyerChacalChacal3 x 1
FRADestroyerChacalJaguar3 x 1
FRADestroyerChacalLeopard3 x 1
FRADestroyerChacalPanthere3 x 1
FRADestroyerGuepardBison3 x 1
FRADestroyerGuepardGuepard3 x 1
FRADestroyerGuepardLion3 x 1
FRADestroyerGuepardValmy3 x 1
FRADestroyerGuepardVauban3 x 1
FRADestroyerGuepardVerdun3 x 1
FRADestroyerLe FantasqueLe Triomphant3 x 1
FRADestroyerLe FantasqueL'Indomptable3 x 1
FRADestroyerLe HardiCasque3 x 1
FRADestroyerLe HardiEpee3 x 1
FRADestroyerLe HardiFleuret3 x 1
FRADestroyerLe HardiLansequenet3 x 1
FRADestroyerLe HardiLe Corsaire3 x 1
FRADestroyerLe HardiLe Flibustier3 x 1
FRADestroyerLe HardiMameluk3 x 1
FRADestroyerVauquelinCassard3 x 1
FRADestroyerVauquelinChevalier Paul3 x 1
FRADestroyerVauquelinMaille Breze3 x 1
FRADestroyerVauquelinTartu3 x 1
FRADestroyerVauquelinVauquelin3 x 1
GERS-BoatS-14S-171 x 1
GERS-BoatS-18S-191 x 1
GERS-BoatS-18S-211 x 1
GERS-BoatS-18S-221 x 1
GERS-BoatS-18S-231 x 1
GERS-BoatS-18S-241 x 1
GERS-BoatS-30S-301 x 1
GERS-BoatS-30S-311 x 1
GERS-BoatS-30S-321 x 1
GERS-BoatS-30S-331 x 1
GERS-BoatS-7S-71 x 1
GERS-BoatS-7S-81 x 1
JPNDestroyerAsashioMichishio3 x 1
JPNDestroyerHatsuharuHatsushimo3 x 1
JPNDestroyerHatsuharuNenohi3 x 1
JPNDestroyerKamikazeAsakaze3 x 1
JPNDestroyerKamikazeHarukaze3 x 1
JPNDestroyerKamikazeHatakaze3 x 1
JPNDestroyerShiratsuyuYamakaze3 x 1
NEDDestroyerAdmiralenBanckert3 x 1
NEDDestroyerAdmiralenEvertsen3 x 1
NEDDestroyerAdmiralenKortenaer3 x 1
NEDDestroyerAdmiralenPiet Hein3 x 1
NEDDestroyerAdmiralenVan Galen3 x 1
NEDDestroyerAdmiralenVan Ghent3 x 1
NEDDestroyerAdmiralenVan Nes3 x 1
NEDDestroyerAdmiralenWitte de With3 x 1
NEDDestroyerGerard CallenburghGerard Callenburgh3 x 1
NEDDestroyerGerard CallenburghTjerk Hiddes3 x 1
NEDFighterSingleF2A Buffalo1 x 1
NEDFighterSingleP40 Kittyhawk1 x 1
NEDFighterSquadronF2A Buffalo2 x 1
NEDFighterSquadronP40 Kittyhawk2 x 1
NEDLight CruiserDe RuyterDe Ruyter4 x 1
NEDLight CruiserJavaJava4 x 1
NEDLight CruiserJavaSumatra4 x 1
NEDLight CruiserTrompJacob van Heemskerck4 x 1
NEDLight CruiserTrompTromp4 x 1
NEDMed BomberSingle/SquadB-10 / 1661.5 x 1.5
NEDMed BomberSingle/SquadB-25 Mitchell1.5 x 1.5
NEDSeaplaneFokker C.XIFokker C.XI1 x 1
NEDSubmarineK-XIK XI2 x 1
NEDSubmarineK-XIK XII2 x 1
NEDSubmarineK-XIK XIII2 x 1
NEDSubmarineK-XIVK XIV2 x 1
NEDSubmarineK-XIVK XV2 x 1
NEDSubmarineK-XIVK XVI2 x 1
NEDSubmarineK-XIVK XVII2 x 1
NEDSubmarineK-XIVK XVIII2 x 1
UKDestroyerJ ClassJupiter (F85)3 x 1
USDestroyerGleavesEdwards (DD-619)3 x 1
USDestroyer MSClemsonAlden (DD-211)2 x 1
USDestroyer MSClemsonBarker (DD-213)2 x 1
USDestroyer MSClemsonBulmer (DD-222)2 x 1
USDestroyer MSClemsonJohn D. Edwards (DD-216)2 x 1
USDestroyer MSClemsonJohn D. Ford (DD-228)2 x 1
USDestroyer MSClemsonPaul Jones (DD-230)2 x 1
USDestroyer MSClemsonPope (DD-225)2 x 1
USDestroyer MSClemsonStewart (DD-224)2 x 1
USMed BomberSingle/SquadB-101.5 x 1.5
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WWII Final Additions – 120 Units

Well it looks like we have finally completed our WWII ships. I count 1411 units representing over 410 different classes of ships and planes. I guess never say never, we may still add some units but right now it’s full steam ahead on the WWI ships! Below is the 116 WWII units just added, there are many new classes plus many additional ships from already completed classes.

FRABattleshipRichelieuJean Bart
FRACruiserLa GalissonniereGloire
FRACruiserLa GalissonniereJean de Vienne
FRACruiserLa GalissonniereMarseillaise
FRACruiserLa GalissonniereLa Galissonniere
RUSCruiserAdmiral HipperPetropavlovsk
GERCruiserAdmiral HipperLutzow
GERCruiserAdmiral HipperSedlitz
GERCruiserAdmiral HipperBlucher
GERSeaplaneAr 196Ar 196
GERTorpedo BoatRaubtierIltis
GERTorpedo BoatRaubtierJaguar
GERTorpedo BoatRaubtierLeopard
GERTorpedo BoatRaubtierLuchs
GERTorpedo BoatRaubtierTiger
GERTorpedo BoatRaubtierWolf
GERTorpedo BoatRaubvogelAlbatros
GERTorpedo BoatRaubvogelFalke
GERTorpedo BoatRaubvogelGreif
GERTorpedo BoatRaubvogelKondor
GERTorpedo BoatRaubvogelMowe
GERTorpedo BoatRaubvogelSeeadler
GERTraining ShipBremseBremse
UKBattleshipKing George VAnson (79)
UKBattleshipKing George VDuke of York (17)
UKBattleshipKing George VHowe (32)
UKFrigateCaptainAffleck (K462)
UKFrigateCaptainBlackwood (K573)
UKFrigateCaptainBullen (K469)
UKFrigateCaptainCapel (K470)
UKFrigateCaptainDuckworth (K351)
UKFrigateCaptainGoodall (K479)
UKFrigateCaptainGould (K476)
UKFrigateCaptainRupert (K561)
UKFrigateCaptainStayer (K573)
UKFrigateCaptainWhitaker (K580)
UKFrigateColonyAnguilla (K500)
UKFrigateColonyBahamas (K503)
UKFrigateColonyCayman (K506)
UKFrigateColonyMontserrat (K586)
UKFrigateColonyTortola (K595)
UKFrigateColonyZanzibar (K596)
UKFrigateRiverCam (K264)
UKFrigateRiverCuckmere (K299)
UKFrigateRiverEttrick (K254)
UKFrigateRiverItchen (K227)
UKFrigateRiverLagan (K259)
UKFrigateRiverRibble (K251)
UKFrigateRiverTeme (K458)
UKFrigateRiverTeviot (K222)
UKFrigateRiverSpey (K246)
UKFrigateRiverWaveney (K248)
UKGun BoatMGBNo. 109
UKGun BoatMGBNo. 12
UKGun BoatMGBNo. 328
UKGun BoatMGBNo. 335
UKGun BoatMGBNo. 501
UKGun BoatMGBNo. 641
UKGun BoatMGBNo. 663
UKGun BoatMGBNo. 76
UKGun BoatMGBNo. 79
UKGun BoatMGBNo. 92
UKHospital ShipOxfordshireOxfordshire
UKLanding CraftFarmile D (S)LCI
UKLanding CraftLCALCA
UKLanding CraftMark 1 ClassLCT
USBattleshipColoradoWashington (BB-47)
USBattleshipNew YorkNew York (BB-34)
USBattleshipNew YorkTexas (BB-35)
USBattleshipSouth DakotaAlabama (BB-60)
USBattleshipSouth DakotaMassachusetts (BB-59)
USCargoVictoryAlamo Victory
USCargoVictoryClovis Victory
USCargoVictoryDalton Victory
USCargoVictoryGreen Bay Victory
USCargoVictoryKodiak Victory
USCargoVictoryLincoln Victory
USCargoVictoryNavajo Victory
USCargoVictoryNotre Dame Victory
USCargoVictoryU.S.S.R. Victory
USCargoVictoryUnited States Victory
USCruiserAtlantaFlint (CL-97)
USCruiserAtlantaOakland (CL-95)
USCruiserAtlantaReno (CL-96)
USCruiserAtlantaTucson (CL-98)
USCruiserBaltimoreBaltimore (CA-68)
USCruiserBaltimoreBoston (CA-69)
USCruiserBaltimoreCanberra (CA-70)
USCruiserBaltimoreQuincy (CA-71)
USCruiserBrooklynBrooklyn (CL-40)
USCruiserBrooklynNashville (CL-43)
USCruiserBrooklynPhiladelphia (CL-41)
USCruiserBrooklynSavannah (CL-42)
USCruiserClevelandBirmingham (CL-62)
USCruiserClevelandDenver (CL-58)
USCruiserClevelandMobile (CL-63)
USCruiserClevelandPasadena (CL-65)
USCruiserClevelandVincennes (CL-64)
USCruiserNew OrleansTuscaloosa (CA-37)
USCruiserNorthamptonAugusta (CA-31)
USCruiserNorthamptonHouston (CA-30)
USCruiserNorthamptonLouisville (CA-28)
USCruiserOmahaCincinnati (CL-6)
USCruiserOmahaConcord (CL-10)
USCruiserOmahaMarblehead (CL-12)
USCruiserOmahaMemphis (CL-13)
USCruiserOmahaMilwaukee (CL-5)
USCruiserOmahaOmaha (CL-4)
USCruiserOmahaRichmond (CL-9)
USCruiserPortlandIndianapolis (CA-35)
USCruiserWichitaWichita (CA-45)
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56 New US and Italian Units Added

American auxiliary, New Mexico class battleships, B-29, and P-36 were added along with Italian corvettes, torpedo boats, MAS boats, and the Cant Z.506 float plane. Still in the works more German, US, Japan, and UK unite, about 70-80 units. That should round out our WWII sets. These will be done in the next couple of weeks.

Here is the complete list:

ITAFloat PlaneCant Z.506Cant Z.506
ITALanding CraftMotozattera (MZA)Landing Craft
ITATorpedo BoatCicloneCiclone
ITATorpedo BoatCicloneArdente
ITATorpedo BoatCicloneAliseo
ITATorpedo BoatCicloneFortunale
ITATorpedo BoatCicloneGroppo
ITATorpedo BoatCicloneImpavido
ITATorpedo BoatCicloneIntrepido
ITATorpedo BoatCicloneUragando
ITATorpedo BoatSpicaAirone
ITATorpedo BoatSpicaAntares
ITATorpedo BoatSpicaCalliope
ITATorpedo BoatSpicaCastore
ITATorpedo BoatSpicaCigno
ITATorpedo BoatSpicaClio
ITATorpedo BoatSpicaLince
ITATorpedo BoatSpicaLupo
ITATorpedo BoatSpicaPolluce
ITATorpedo BoatSpicaSagittario
ITATorpedo BoatSpicaSirio
ITATorpedo BoatSpicaVega
USStoresArticArctic (AF-7)
USStoresArticYukon (AF-9)
USSub RescueChanticleerChanticleer (ASR-7)
USSub RescueChanticleerMacaw (ASR-11)
USSub RescueChanticleerFlorikan (ASR-9)
USSea Plane TenderCurrituckCurrituck (AV-7)
USSub TenderFultonSperry (AS-12)
USSub TenderFultonFulton (AS-11)
USFighterP-36P-36 Squadron
USFighterP-36P-36 Single
USCruiserAlaskaAlaska (CB-1)
USCruiserAlaskaGuam (CB-2)
USBattleshipNew MexicoNew Mexico (BB-40)
USBattleshipNew MexicoMississippi (BB-41)
USBattleshipNew MexicoIdaho (BB-42)

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75 German and Japanese WWII Ships Just Added

An upload of 75 new Japanese and German ships is completed. There are still about another 100 UK, USA, Italian, and German WWII ships in the works and they will be completed in the next few weeks.

Below is a list of the units the were just added.

GERDestroyer EscortF-ClassF-1
GERDestroyer EscortF-ClassF-2
GERDestroyer EscortF-ClassF-3
GERDestroyer EscortF-ClassF-4
GERDestroyer EscortF-ClassF-5
GERDestroyer EscortF-ClassF-6
GERDestroyer EscortF-ClassF-7
GERDestroyer EscortF-ClassF-8
GERDestroyer EscortF-ClassF-9
GERDestroyer EscortF-ClassF-10
GERFlak BargeSiebel FerrySiebel Ferry
GERLanding CraftSiebel FerrySiebel Ferry
GERLanding CraftType D1Naval Ferry Barge
GERMinesweeper1940 TypeM261
GERMinesweeper1940 TypeM263
GERMinesweeper1940 TypeM271
GERMinesweeper1940 TypeM293
GERMinesweeper1940 TypeM303
GERFlak ShipGazelleMedusa
GERSeaplane TenderHansaSchwabenland
GERNight FighterTogoTogo
GERCargo ShipDithmarschenAltmark
GERCargo ShipDithmarschenUckermark
GERCargo ShipDithmarschenNordmark
GERCargo ShipDithmarschenFranken
GERCargo ShipDithmarschenErmland
GERCargo ShipDithmarschenDithmarschen
JPNCarrier HybridIse HybridIse Carrier
JPNCarrier HybridIse HybridHyuga Carrier
JPNCargo ShipKinka MaruKinka Maru
JPNTorpedo BoatT-5110-go
JPNTorpedo BoatT-5111-go
JPNTorpedo BoatT-5112-go
JPNTorpedo BoatT-5113-go
JPNTorpedo BoatT-5114-go
JPNTorpedo BoatT-5115-go
JPNTorpedo BoatT-14538-go
JPNTorpedo BoatT-14539-go
JPNTorpedo BoatT-14540-go
JPNTorpedo BoatT-14838-go
JPNTorpedo BoatT-14839-go
JPNTorpedo BoatT-14840-go
JPNLanding CraftNo. 1 Landing ShipLanding Ship No. 1
JPNLanding CraftNo. 1 Landing ShipLanding Ship No. 2
JPNLanding CraftNo. 1 Landing ShipLanding Ship No. 3
JPNLanding CraftNo. 1 Landing ShipLanding Ship No. 4
JPNLanding CraftNo. 1 Landing ShipLanding Ship No. 5
JPNLanding CraftNo. 1 Landing ShipLanding Ship No. 6
JPNLanding CraftNo. 1 Landing ShipLanding Ship No. 7
JPNLanding CraftNo. 1 Landing ShipLanding Ship No. 8
JPNLanding CraftNo. 101 ClassNo. 101
JPNLanding CraftNo. 101 ClassNo. 102
JPNLanding CraftNo. 101 ClassNo. 127
JPNLanding CraftNo. 101 ClassNo. 128
JPNLanding CraftNo. 101 ClassNo. 149
JPNLanding CraftNo. 101 ClassNo. 150
JPNMinesweeperW-19No. 19
JPNMinesweeperW-19No. 20
JPNMinesweeperW-19No. 21
JPNMinesweeperW-19No. 22
JPNMinesweeperW-19No. 23
JPNMinesweeperW-19No. 24
JPNMinesweeperW-19No. 25
JPNMinesweeperW-19No. 26
JPNSub ChaserNo. 13No 180
JPNSub ChaserNo. 13No 181
JPNSub ChaserNo. 13No 182
JPNSub ChaserNo. 13No 183
JPNSub ChaserNo. 13No 184
JPNSub ChaserNo. 13No 185
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No Base Purchase Option – 50% Off!

We have opened the opportunity for you to purchase 1/1800 scale ships and planes without bases. This was done primarily to help out our international customers in order to reduce the shipping cost and also give an option to those who wish to provide their own bases. If you choose this option you will receive just the ship images an no bases. This will allow us to ship the package in an envelope. The cost for most all international orders will be about $15 as long as the package is no more than 3/4 inches thick. You would have to order a lot of ships to surpass that requirement.

How to activate the No Base option: In your shopping cart enter the following coupon code: no base

Just like that, and the system will give you a 50% discount on your purchase plus the appropriate shipping cost.

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TSM Interview with Man Battlestations

Last month my cousin/partner John and I sat down for an interview with Andy Rucker and his partner Greg to give an interview for their Man Battlestations podcast. We discussed a little of everything from when we started gaming to how and why we started Topside Minis to what we have planned for the future.

It was a lot of fun and Andy and Greg did a great job. The podcast includes other topics as well and is well worth listening to.

Thanks again to Andy and Greg for letting us be a part of your show!

The can listen to it HERE.

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143 New Units Released!

In addition to the 54 new units in the Pearl Harbor set we are concurrently releasing 143 more new units. Destroyer escorts and torpedo boats are included for both the US and Japan along with many new carriers for both sides. We have also included UK carrier escorts and a French seaplane.

A complete list can be seen below.

CountryUnit TypeClassNameBase
FRASeaplaneLoire 130Loire 1301.5 x 1
JPNAttack BomberSingleD4Y Judy Single1 x 1
JPNAttack BomberSquadronD4Y Judy Squadron2 x 1
JPNFighterSingleA6M5 Zero Single1 x 1
JPNFighterSquadronA6M5 Zero Squadron2 x 1
JPNMed BomberSingle/SquadG3M Nell1.5 x 1.5
JPNMed BomberSingle/SquadKi-21 Sally1.5 x 1.5
JPNTorpedo BomberSingleB6N Jill Single1 x 1
JPNTorpedo BomberSquadronB6N Jill Squadron2 x 1
JPNBattleshipYamatoMusashi6.25 x 1.5
JPNCarrierChitose CVChitose4.5 x 1.25
JPNCarrierChitose CVChiyoda4.5 x 1.25
JPNCarrierHiyoHiyo6 x 1.5
JPNCarrierHiyoJunyo6 x 1.5
JPNCarrierRyuhoRyuho5.5 x 1.5
JPNCarrierRyujoRyujo4.5 x 1.25
JPNCarrierShinanoShinano6.25 x 1.5
JPNCarrierTaihoTaiho6.25 x 1.5
JPNCarrierUnryuAmagi6 x 1.5
JPNCarrierUnryuKatsuragi6 x 1.5
JPNCarrierUnryuUnryu6 x 1.5
JPNCarrierZuihoZuiho5.5 x 1.5
JPNDestroyerFubukiMiyuki3 x 1
JPNDestroyerFubukiShinonome3 x 1
JPNDestroyerFubukiShirakumo3 x 1
JPNDestroyerFubukiUsugumo3 x 1
JPNDestroyerFubuki-AkatsukiHibiki3 x 1
JPNDestroyerFubuki-AyanamiSagiri3 x 1
JPNDestroyerFubuki-AyanamiYugiri3 x 1
JPNDestroyerKageroNatsushio3 x 1
JPNDestroyer EscortEtorofuEtorofu2 x 1
JPNDestroyer EscortEtorofuHirato2 x 1
JPNDestroyer EscortEtorofuKanju2 x 1
JPNDestroyer EscortEtorofuMatsuwa2 x 1
JPNDestroyer EscortEtorofuMutsure2 x 1
JPNDestroyer EscortEtorofuSado2 x 1
JPNDestroyer EscortMikuraAwaji2 x 1
JPNDestroyer EscortMikuraChiburi2 x 1
JPNDestroyer EscortMikuraKurahashi2 x 1
JPNDestroyer EscortMikuraKusagaki2 x 1
JPNDestroyer EscortMikuraMikura2 x 1
JPNDestroyer EscortMikuraNomi2 x 1
JPNDestroyer EscortUkuruAguni2 x 1
JPNDestroyer EscortUkuruHabushi2 x 1
JPNDestroyer EscortUkuruInagi2 x 1
JPNDestroyer EscortUkuruOkinawa2 x 1
JPNDestroyer EscortUkuruShonan2 x 1
JPNDestroyer EscortUkuruUkuru2 x 1
JPNSeaplane TenderChitoseChiyoda4 x 1
JPNTorpedo BoatChidoriChidori2 x 1
JPNTorpedo BoatChidoriHatsukari2 x 1
JPNTorpedo BoatChidoriManazuru2 x 1
JPNTorpedo BoatChidoriTomozuru2 x 1
JPNTorpedo BoatOtoriHiyodori2 x 1
JPNTorpedo BoatOtoriKasasagi2 x 1
JPNTorpedo BoatOtoriKiji2 x 1
JPNTorpedo BoatOtoriOtori2 x 1
JPNTorpedo BoatOtoriSagi2 x 1
UKCarrierAttackerAttacker (D02)4.5 x 1.25
UKCarrierAttackerChaser (D32)4.5 x 1.25
UKCarrierAttackerFencer (D64)4.5 x 1.25
UKCarrierAttackerStalker (D91)4.5 x 1.25
UKCarrierAttackerStriker (D12)4.5 x 1.25
UKCarrierRulerAtheling (D51)4.5 x 1.25
UKCarrierRulerBegum (D38)4.5 x 1.25
UKCarrierRulerEmperor (D98)4.5 x 1.25
UKCarrierRulerTrumpeter (D09)4.5 x 1.25
USFighterSquadronP40 Flying Tiger2 x 1
USFighterSingleP40 Flying Tiger1 x 1
USFighterSingleP40 Warhawk1 x 1
USHvy BomberSingle/SquadB-24 Liberator2 x 1.5
USMed BomberSingle/SquadB-25 Mitchell1.5 x 1.5
USBattleshipSouth DakotaIndiana (BB-58)5.5 x 1.5
USCarrierCasablancaKadashan Bay (CVE-76)4.5 x 1.25
USCarrierCasablancaManila Bay (CVE-61)4.5 x 1.25
USCarrierCasablancaMarcus Island (CVE-77)4.5 x 1.25
USCarrierCasablancaNatoma Bay (CVE-62)4.5 x 1.25
USCarrierCasablancaOmmaney Bay (CVE-79)4.5 x 1.25
USCarrierCasablancaPetrof Bay (CVE-80)4.5 x 1.25
USCarrierCasablancaSaginaw Bay (CVE-82)4.5 x 1.25
USCarrierCasablancaSavo Island (CVE-78)4.5 x 1.25
USCarrierCommencement BayBlock Island (CVE-106)4.5 x 1.25
USCarrierCommencement BayCommencement Bay (CVE-105)4.5 x 1.25
USCarrierSangamonChenago (CVE-28)4.5 x 1.25
USCarrierSangamonSangamon (CVE-26)4.5 x 1.25
USCarrierSangamonSantee (CVE-29)4.5 x 1.25
USCarrierSangamonSuwannee (CVE-27)4.5 x 1.25
USDestroyerWickesChew (DD-106)2 x 1
USDestroyerWickesSchley (DD-103)2 x 1
USDestroyerWickesWard (DD-139)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortBuckleyBuckley (DE-51)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortBuckleyCofer (DE-208)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortBuckleyEichenberger (DE-202)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortBuckleyHopping (DE-155)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortBuckleyLee Fox (DE-65)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortBuckleyLiddle (DE-206)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortBuckleyLovelace (DE-198)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortBuckleyNewman (DE-205)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortButlerJesse Rutherford (DE-347)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortButlerKey (DE-348)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortButlerOberrender (DE-344)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortButlerRobert Brazier (DE-345)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortCannonAcree (DE-167)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortCannonBangust (DE-739)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortCannonHilbert (DE-742)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortCannonKyne (DE-744)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortCannonMcConnell (DE-163)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortCannonRiddle (DE-185)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortCannonSwearer (DE-186)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortCannonWeaver (DE-741)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortEdsallChatelain (DE-149)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortEdsallEdsall (DE-129)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortEdsallFarquhar (DE-139)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortEdsallFessenden (DE-142)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortEdsallFrost (DE-144)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortEdsallHerbert C. Jones (DE-137)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortEdsallKeith (DE-241)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortEdsallPillsbury (DE-133)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortEvartsBrennan (DE-13)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortEvartsBurden R. Hastings (DE-19)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortEvartsEvarts (DE-5)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortEvartsGilmore (DE-18)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortEvartsStadtfeld (DE-29)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortEvartsTisdale (DE-33)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortEvartsWhitman (DE-24)2 x 1
USDestroyer EscortEvartsWintle (DE-25)2 x 1
USLight CruiserAtlantaSan Diego (CL-53)4.5 x 1.25
USLight CruiserClevelandCleveland (CL-55)4.5 x 1.25
USLight CruiserClevelandColumbia (CL-56)4.5 x 1.25
USLight CruiserClevelandMontpelier (CL-57)4.5 x 1.25
USLight CruiserClevelandSanta Fe (CL-60)4.5 x 1.25
USPTPT-103 classPT-361 x 1
USPTPT-103 classPT-371 x 1
USPTPT-103 classPT-391 x 1
USPTPT-103 classPT-441 x 1
USPTPT-103 classPT-461 x 1
USPTPT-103 classPT-481 x 1
USPTPT-103 classPT-591 x 1
USPTPT-103 classPT-1091 x 1
USPTPT-103 classPT-1151 x 1
USPTPT-103 classPT-1231 x 1
USPTPT-103 classPT-1571 x 1
USPTPT-103 classPT-3731 x 1
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Pearl Harbor Battle Set Released

The latest Pacific WWII naval battle set has been released. The Pearl Harbor battle set let’s you recreated the December 7th, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. It includes 167 units (111 ships and 56 planes). This includes 54 brand new units, many of them support and auxiliary type units. You can buy the set with or without planes.

You can see the complete OOB HERE.

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Samar Battle Set Now Available

The Battle Of Samar battle set includes 68 units (32 planes and 36 ships). It adds 22 new ships to our inventory and allows you to recreate the famous battle of the Japanese Fleet vs. Taffy 3 on  October 25, 1944.   The set includes Japanese Kamikaze plus the aircraft from Taffy 3. We added a few additional aircraft from the other carrier groups.  We’ll leave it up to you if you want to add even more aircraft individually.

You can choose to buy the set with aircraft or without.

You can see the OOB by clicking HERE.

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Guadalcanal Battle Set Now Available

The Guadalcanal battle set includes 145 units (109 surface ships and 36 aircraft) and lets you recreate four complete WWII naval battles of the 1942 Guadalcanal campaign. They are as follows:

  1. Savo Island
  2. Cape Esperance
  3. 1st Battle of Guadalcanal
  4. 2nd Battle of Guadalcanal
  5. Tassafaronga

Of the 145 units, 61 units are new ships. The others are already existing ships from our inventory. We have included the planes that were specific to the naval battles in this set. In the very near future we will be releasing an add-on set of both Japanese and American ships and planes that will fill out the Pacific Theater Fleet. There will be many more Japanese aircraft and carriers. We will also have several American and Japanese destroyer escorts, American PT boats and many escort carriers.

Next up however is the Battle Off Samar set featuring Taffy 3 and it’s epic battle against the Japanese Fleet. This will be quickly followed by our Pearl Harbor set that will include most of the ships in the Harbor at the time of the attack. We will publish those OOB shortly.

You can choose to buy the set with aircraft or without.

You can see the Guadalcanal Set OOB by clicking HERE.

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Read Hobby Games Recce Review by Peter Schweighofer

Photo Credit to Peter Schweighofer

My Topside Minis Experience

At first I was skeptical of this approach. Surely these seemed more like glorified, top-down game counters than actual serviceable miniatures. I looked over the website and was impressed with the wonderful color and detail the ships displayed. I read about the stickers being tear- and water-resistant. A page discussed and illustrated the steps in trimming the stickers and mounting them on the appropriately sized wooden tiles included with your purchase. It seemed like a novel, economical idea; maybe not one a die-hard wargamer would settle on, but one suitable for someone like me who mostly dabbles in naval wargames…Continue Reading Full Review HERE

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Guadalcanal & Pearl Harbor Class Addition List

Below is a table of the class additions for the Guadalcanal and Pearl Harbor sets being released late next month. There are 42 classes and about 100 individual ships and planes that will be added. We are adding more than what’s needed for these battles. We are also including 13 new Japanese carriers, Japanese and US destroyer escorts, US & UK CVEs, US PT boats, Japanese torpedo boats, and Japanese and US Bombers.

Country ClassType
JPNChidoriTorpedo Boat
JPNOtoriTorpedo Boat
JPNChitose - CVCV
UKBogue ClassCVE
USSouth DakotaBB
USCleveland CA
USCommencement BayCVE
USSolaceHospital Ship
USPTTorpedo Boat
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Iowa, Colorado Class Battleships plus Landing Craft Added to Inventory

We have added two new classes of American Battleships (Iowa and Colorado) plus both American and Japanese landing craft to the TSM inventory. You can check them out on the bottom of the home page in the newly added items section as well as in the image gallery section of the site.

Last weekend I visited the USS Iowa which is docked at the harbot in San Pedro. Here are a few image I took while I was there. I typically shoot with film. These were taken with a Mamiya C330 medium format camera from the mid 70s.

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TSM Offers Free Rule Set for Naval Wargaming

As part of our Kickstarter campaign we offered contributors a free set of rules to help them start playing right away. The rules consist of five pages of instruction, movement and firing charts, plus a set of measuring tools to help aide in ship movement and firing. These rules are a great way for new people to get started in the naval wargaming field and we are offering them free of charge to anyone interested. When you are ready to move to more complex gaming systems there are other options out there that can satisfy that need. You can get the free rules and see other options by clicking here: TSM Basic Rules 1.0