About Us

Cousins John Czarzasty (Left) and John Giacchino (Right) first started their war game rivalry while growing up in South Jersey in the 1970s on such games as Alpha Omega and Feudal. Going their separate ways as adults, they renewed the rivalry earlier this century using the Vassal system. They have played over 500 games of Ancients Command and Colors, Battle Cry, and Memoir 44. John and John also get together annually for what has become know as War Game Weekend (WGW), the highlight of which is the large Axis and Allies game. This past January 2012 saw WGW IX.

Getting a taste for miniatures from the various Axis and Allies games, John and John lamented the high costs of creating a miniature naval fleet and decided to do something about it. Rivalry gave way to teamwork and the result: Topside Minis. Miniature fans can get entire opposing fleets at a fraction of the cost of regular metal or plastic miniatures. And Topside Minis add color, motion, and action to the pieces. Topside Minis naval and naval air miniatures are underway and in harm’s way.