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Jutland Sets Released!

Six new Jutland sets are now available for sale! We have 2 sets each for the 1/1800, 1/2400, and 1/3000 scales. Each scale has two versions. One full set version […]

Jutland 1/2400 & 1/3000 Sets Will Be Offered for Sale

In addition to the standard 1/1800 scale,the Jutland set will also be offered in the 1/2400 and 1/3000 scale. The only difference is that there will be no bases offered […]

Jutland Set Adds Torpedo Boat & Destroyer Flotilla Counters

In order to help reduce the number of units for the Jutland set we have decided to add, as an option, a set of 2 x 1 inch destroyer and […]

Jutland GER Airships, Torpedo Boats, and Subs Added

Our final class of ships have been added to the preview. German airships, torpedo boats, and submarines have been added. We decided to go with a side view of the […]

Jutland UK Destroyer Class Preview

The 7 UK destroyer class images are complete. You can check them out by clicking HERE

Jutland Cruiser Class Update

We have completed the cruiser classes for Jutland (Except for a few British scout classes) and we completed new versions of the Queen Elizabeth and Revenge class battleships for Jutland. […]

76 New WWII Units

Never say never…we have added an additional 76 WWII units to the inventory. There are many planes and a few ships to fill in classes or ship types that we […]

WWI Jutland Naval Wargaming Set Update

Just a quick note to tell you that the WWI Jutland naval wargaming set is in full production. We are hoping to have it complete be 1st quarter next year. […]

Java Sea Battles – Netherlands Added to WWII

Ok…I know we said we were done but the set would not be complete if we did not add the Netherlands and other US & Japanese ships that participated in […]

WWII Final Additions – 120 Units

Well it looks like we have finally completed our WWII ships. I count 1411 units representing over 410 different classes of ships and planes. I guess never say never, we […]

56 New US and Italian Units Added

American auxiliary, New Mexico class battleships, B-29, and P-36 were added along with Italian corvettes, torpedo boats, MAS boats, and the Cant Z.506 float plane. Still in the works more […]

75 German and Japanese WWII Ships Just Added

An upload of 75 new Japanese and German ships is completed. There are still about another 100 UK, USA, Italian, and German WWII ships in the works and they will […]

No Base Purchase Option – 50% Off!

We have opened the opportunity for you to purchase ships and planes without bases. This was done primarily to help out our international customers in order to reduce the shipping […]

TSM Interview with Man Battlestations

Last month my cousin/partner John and I sat down for an interview with Andy Rucker and his partner Greg to give an interview for their Man Battlestations podcast. We discussed […]

143 New Units Released!

In addition to the 54 new units in the Pearl Harbor set we are concurrently releasing 143 more new units. Destroyer escorts and torpedo boats are included for both the […]

Pearl Harbor Battle Set Released

The latest Pacific WWII naval battle set has been released. The Pearl Harbor battle set let’s you recreated the December 7th, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. It includes 167 units […]

Samar Battle Set Now Available

The Battle Of Samar battle set includes 68 units (32 planes and 36 ships). It adds 22 new ships to our inventory and allows you to recreate the famous battle […]

Guadalcanal Battle Set Now Available

The Guadalcanal battle set includes 145 units (109 surface ships and 36 aircraft) and lets you recreate four complete WWII naval battles of the 1942 Guadalcanal campaign. They are as […]

Read Hobby Games Recce Review by Peter Schweighofer

Photo Credit to Peter Schweighofer My Topside Minis Experience At first I was skeptical of this approach. Surely these seemed more like glorified, top-down game counters than actual serviceable miniatures. […]

Guadalcanal & Pearl Harbor Class Addition List

Below is a table of the class additions for the Guadalcanal and Pearl Harbor sets being released late next month. There are 42 classes and about 100 individual ships and […]

Iowa, Colorado Class Battleships plus Landing Craft Added to Inventory

We have added two new classes of American Battleships (Iowa and Colorado) plus both American and Japanese landing craft to the TSM inventory. You can check them out on the […]

Check Out Andy Rucker’s Review of His TSM Atlantic Kicktarter Set

Andy Rucker has a naval wargaming blog entitled “Man Battlestions” Andy participated in our Atlantic Set Kickstarter campaign and he recently received his order. You can read his review here: […]

TSM Offers Free Rule Set for Naval Wargaming

As part of our Kickstarter campaign we offered contributors a free set of rules to help them start playing right away. The rules consist of five pages of instruction, movement […]

TSM Atlantic – Med Sets and Individual Ships Now Available

The Atlantic and Mediterranean sets have brought the total TSM inventory of ships and planes to over 875 ships and planes. The new units also combine to create 17 new […]

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